Our objective is to actively engage in niche opportunities and real estate property assets.

Inquisitive, Daring

We explore inquisitive opportunities from daring entrepreneurs.

Park 49 Investment Funds

At P49IF, our primary focus revolves around identifying small-sized investment opportunities that prioritize achieving the highest possible returns while maintaining a conservative risk level. We strive to preserve capital and sustain liquidity throughout the investment process.

Our interests are…

Early Stage

Our investments are centered around solutions that cater to the needs of significant portions of the population.

Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, we specifically express keen interest in luxury residential and mixed-use properties.

Anything I should know?

P49IF eagerly embraces the chance to evaluate potential investments. However, we have recognized the importance of being judicious in the deals we pursue to enhance efficiency. As a result, we prioritize opportunities presented to us by trusted sources with whom we have established prior business relationships.

The fund is not available for public participation, as it is exclusively funded by a private third party who is a qualified U.S. citizen, meeting the criteria of a “Qualified Purchaser” as defined by the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. The funding is facilitated through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

*Each SPV is individually structured to meet the needs of the opportunity.

Empowering Lenders

Unleash your lending power, put your loan portfolio to work.

Thronewell Capital

Thronewell Capital specializes in acquiring portfolios of obsolete debt from commercial real estate lenders. We have outlined our target metrics below:

  • Portfolio Size: We are looking to purchase portfolios ranging from $50 million to $200 million.
  • Non-Performing Loans: Our focus is on acquiring distressed loans, and we aim to acquire between 30 and 50 individual loans that meet this criteria.
  • Target Loans: We are particularly interested in real estate-backed loans that have experienced covenant breaches within the lending agreements. This includes cases of missed tax payments, lien issues, debt service payment defaults, and other related concerns.

By partnering with Thronewell Capital, you can transfer the risk associated with holding a loan portfolio to us. Our goal is to provide a solution for commercial real estate lenders by acquiring these portfolios and addressing the challenges associated with outstanding debt.

Discover the difference Thronewell Capital can make for your commercial real estate loan portfolio. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our expertise can help you unlock the hidden value within your distressed loans.

*Thronewell Capital is a joint venture (JV) overseen by an external team consisting of select members from Park 49, along with financial backing from a globally renowned asset management firm.