Direct Lending

We work alongside our borrowers to promptly evaluate the scenario, structure a loan with competitive terms and expedite a prompt closing.

Seamless & Efficient

Initial Quote

48 Hours

Average Closing

15 Days

Loans starting from $150K…

Up to $3.25 MM

What are the costs?

  • Commitment Fee: $2500 to $7500 commitment fee due upon signing a letter of intent.
  • Loan Points: Starting at 2% of the total loan amount, paid from the loan proceeds.
  • Legal Fee: Amounts vary per deal, due upon signing of final commitment.
  • Appraisal Fee: If required, paid upon request to the appraisal company.

And the process?

We keep it simple, send us the following…

  • The completed loan application and authorization forms which can be found below.
  • Include a current sources & uses and/or financial model.
  • If available, also include any recent independent evaluations performed on the property,

Let’s start the application process.