We participate in niche real estate related companies and property assets.

Inquisitive, Daring

We explore inquisitive opportunities from daring entrepreneurs.

Park 49 Capital Funds

Our focus at P49CF is to identify small sized investment opportunities prioritizing on achieving the highest possible returns while maintaining a conservative risk level, preserving capital and sustaining liquidity.

Our interests are…

Early Stage Start-Ups

Our investments are focused on solutions that address the needs of the real estate industry.

Commercial Real Estate

We take particular interest in luxury residential, small retail centers and mixed-use properties.

Some additional information to keep in mind.

New Opportunities

Our firm welcomes the opportunity to assess possible investments however, we’ve realized that to be more efficient, we need to be judicious in the deals we tackle. We assign a priority to opportunities brought to us by sources we know and have previously done business with.


The fund is not open for participation to the general public as it is solely funded by a private third party U.S. citizen who qualifies as “Qualified Purchaser” through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)* and within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.

*Each SPV is individually structured to meet the needs of the opportunity.