Direct Finance

We work alongside our borrowers to promptly evaluate the scenario, structure a loan with competitive terms and expedite a prompt closing.

Seamless & Reliable

Initial Quote

48 Hours

Average Closing

15 Days

Loans starting from $250K…

Up to $3.25 MM

What About Costs?

  • Commitment Fee: $2500 to $7500 commitment fee due upon signing a letter of intent.
  • Loan Points: Starting at 2% of the total loan amount, paid from the loan proceeds.
  • Legal Fee: Amounts vary per deal, due upon signing of final commitment.
  • Appraisal Fee: If required, paid upon request to the appraisal company.

The Process?

  • The completed loan application and authorization forms which can be found below.
  • Include a current sources & uses and/or financial model.
  • If available, also include any recent independent evaluations performed on the property.

Let’s begin the process…

Complete the application and authorization forms below and email them to us with all relevant supporting documents. One of our team members will contact you to discuss your funding needs and collaborate on a practical solution that best fits your situation.